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Relations with Other Scientific Societies

Due to its specific profile, the SFBT has natural relations with other multidisciplinary French-speaking scientific associations. [Other pieces of information in the French version of this page have to be updated].

Outside of the French-speaking multidisciplinary network, the SFBT has various contacts with other Societies for Theoretical Biology. Some of its members have actively taken part in the foundation of the European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology (ESMTB) created in Grenoble, in 1991, at the end of the First International Conference of Mathematics applied to Biology and Medicine (Conference Proceedings : Mathematics applied to Biology and Medicine. J. Demongeot & V. Capasso, eds. (1993), Wuerz Publishing Ltd, Winnipeg, 545 pages).

This European Society federates numerous activities in Theoretical Biology in different European countries : France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, and the Netherlands. A member of the SFBT, Jacques DEMONGEOT, has been President of the ESMTB. Marcelle Kaufman (member of the SFBT Conseil d'Administration) and Philippe Tracqui (Vice-President of the SFBT) are members of the ESMTB Board.

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