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We thank the Web sites "Necker Enfants-Malades" (http://www.necker.fr/) in Paris, "Laboratoire de Méthodes Informatiques" (http://www.lami.univ-evry.fr/) in Evry, and "Informatiques, Biologie Intégrative et Systèmes Complexes" (http://sfbt.ibisc.fr/) in Evry for hosting these Web pages, with their permanent address http://www.sfbt.org.

For all problems, remarks or suggestions, please contact webmaster(at)sfbt.org

Acknowledgements for the first versions of this site

We thank S. Randall Thomas, Ph. D., for collecting most of the information displayed on this site, during many years. We also thank all researchers who have prepared Internet pages of SFBT meetings: Julien Arino, Sandrine Charles, Janine Guespin, David Nerini, Jean-Christophe Poggiale, Stéphanie Portet, etc.

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