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French-speaking Society for Theoretical Biology
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Profile of the Society

The SFBT get involved in the multidisciplinary approach of Theoretical Biology from genome to ecosystems. Poles of attraction are centered in mathematics (biomathematics, modelling and data analysis), in medicine, in plant biology, and in ecology. More and more members are concerned by cellular and molecular studies, especially in postgenomics.

The SFBT is a nonprofit scientific association (French law of July 1, 1901). Membership dues represent its main financial resources. This regular contribution has occasionally be supplemented by grants from public institutions : CNRS, INRA, INSERM, Région Auvergne, European Community. The SFBT expresses its gratitude for a donation from Pierre DELATTRE's family and for the help of the FOURMENTIN-GUILBERT foundation.

Nearly all founding members of the SFBT have taken part in the activities of the MARESQUELLE Club, then of the AMTB. Other members were recruited during Theoretical Biology Schools or directly by personal relations. The association's statutes (Article 6) stipulate that "every application has to be approved by the board, which analyses all pending applications during its meetings".

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