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French-speaking Society for Theoretical Biology


The French-speaking Society for Theoretical Biology (SFBT) was created in 1985. It succeeded the AMTB, the Association for the development of Theoretical Methods for Biology created by Pierre Delattre and René Thom, in the continuation of the Jean-Henri MARESQUELLE Club.

The SFBT get involved in the multidisciplinary approach of Theoretical Biology from genome to ecosystems. Poles of attraction are centered in mathematics (biomathematics, modelling and data analysis), in medicine, in plant biology, and in ecology. More and more members are concerned by cellular and molecular studies, especially in postgenomics.

The SFBT is a nonprofit scientific association (association 1901). Membership dues represent its main financial resources. This regular contribution is supplemented by private donations and grants from public institutions.

Main Activities

The SFBT proposes each year a 3-day Seminar, usually in St-Flour (Cantal, France). The 2004 Seminar was successfully organized as an International Conference in Marrakech (Morocco) in collaboration with the Centre International des Systèmes Dynamiques. Such International Conferences should be held every three years.

During these meetings, the Pierre Delattre Price or the René Thom Price is awarded to the young researcher having presented the best talk.

The SFBT has also organized numerous Schools in Theoretical Biology, either by itself or in collaboration with other Societies.

E-mail is more and more used for the rapid diffusion of information on Theoretical Biology. Long-term information (e.g., Bulletins and Seminar programs) is displayed on the Society site (http://sfbt.org).

Present Board (June 2015 - June 2019...)

../../../a0/logo-SFBT.gif Société Francophone de Biologie Théorique
French-speaking Society for Theoretical Biology

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