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Ovide Arino Outreach Award
(Le prix Ovide Arino)

This ESMTB (European Society for Mathematical and Theoretical Biology) and SFBT (Société Francophone de Biologie Théorique) associated price rewards every two years a young researcher from an eligible South country for a remarkable contribution in mathematical or theoretical biology, developed in collaboration with a European or francophone country.

Eligibility Criteria

[1] PhD presented less than 10 years before the closure date of the Price.
[2] List of eligible countries : OAOA eligible countries 2023.
[3] The first date of in line publication (« first published ») is taken into account.
[4] Affiliations should appear on the published article.

Female applications are strongly encouraged.

Applications should be sent to oaoa@esmtb.org and include :

Closure date for the application : September 15th, 2023

The Price includes :

Members of the Price Committee are Julien Arino, Slimane Ben Miled, Rafael Bravo de la Parra, Angélique Stéphanou and Suzanne Touzeau.

Contact : mailto:oaoa@esmtb.org

Ovide Arino (1947-2003)

Ovide Arino was a mathematician working on delay differential equations. His application field was population dynamics. He was a prolific author who published more than 150 articles during his lifetime. He was also very active for student supervision. He directed more than 60 theses during his career, devoting a large part of his time to his students. Many of them were from Morocco or Algeria. He plais an key role in the development of biomathematics in Northe rn Africa. Many of his students are now professors and pursue international collaborations.

More information available on http://euromedbiomath.ovide.free.fr/

The SFBT paid homage in 2004 with the Ovide Arino Price during its first International Conference in Morocco. With this Outreach Award, ESMTB and SFBT are associated for maintaining his heritage and his memory.

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